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Portugal. The Man Live on Eclectic!

December 03, 2008

Portugal. The Man was kind enough to stop by last night and perform a few songs from their new album Censored Colors on the Eclectic Revolution. They were all really nice guys (and girl!) along with being wonderful singers. With just a toy piano, acoustic guitar, and assorted percussive objects, they crooned our hearts away in a mere 30 minutes. They'll continue their headlining tour across the states and back to the west for the rest of November. Check out their website for all the rest of their tour dates and great stories about being from the same town as Sarah Palin. Thanks again guys!


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The Watson Twins on ICB Highlight a big weekend of concerts

October 20, 2008

The Watson twins graced our studio on Saturday afternoon for a quick interview and performance before their show with Billy Bragg at the State. The lovely Twins treated us to renditions of “How am I to Be”(with an extra verse of Ain’t No Sunshine at the end), “Just like Heaven” (the Cure), and “Bar Woman Blues” from their debut album Fire Songs . I hope you’ve been enjoying “How am I to Be” on the station this past summer and beginning of fall. If you missed out on the action, make sure to tune in to the Eclectic Revolution next Monday (27th) night from 8-9 as I’ll be replaying at least part of the session.

The twins were equally stellar on stage at the State Saturday night, filling the room with their spot on harmonies and serving as a more than adequate opening act for the one and only Billy Bragg. A big thanks to Mr. Bragg is in order as well for his interview on Sonic Planet Saturday before the show. Bragg put on an all around entertaining show with almost as much hilarious stage banter as music. Performing everything from old standards "A New England" and "Power in a Union" to selections from his Mermaid Avenue releases to gems from his new album Mr. Love and Justice like "Farm Boy".

That was just Saturday! Sunday brought Mirah to Castaways for a wonderfully intimate show where her heartwarming pop ditties were a big hit with the Ithaca crowd. After the show, she was kind enough to do an interview with Lindsey who hosts Eve Out Loud that will air next Sunday night from 9-10. Hugs and kisses to Mirah for being so wonderful.

And once again, a big thank you to the Twins and their label Vanguard for making this happen. It was an absolute pleasure having them stop by.

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Kites in Space bring the rock home

October 01, 2008

We've been rocking the song Walk it Off on the station for a couple weeks now and I can't get enough. Some people may ask, "Whatever happened to all the awesome?" and in response I say "have you flown a kite in space recently?" Kites in Space, the authors of the awesomeness entitled Walk it Off are Ithaca's latest and greatest music export. Their debut self titled album delivers a masterful mix of Stars influenced electronica with acute songwriting akin to the National's alcohol soaked anthems.

If I could pick one word to describe the record, it would be anthemic. Their mix of ballads, power pop gems, and straight forward rock makes you want to stand up and scream along with your stereo. The ingenuity of the recoding process comes through on every bit of the record. From the eclectic percussive sounds (see the beginning of Manifest Destiny) to the booming stomps and claps in Cords wrapped too tight(the album was recorded in various rooms of an empty house), KIS display their progressive style of music making. You can of course, obtain all of this goodness for free from their website Kites in space.com. And before you ask, I don't know where they live so I can't tell you where to deliver those love letters.

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